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For Places of Worship & Community Organizations

Our Community Resource / Nonprofit Oriented Services

Churches, foster care agencies, community resource organizations, and nonprofits have a unique responsibility to care for families on a deeper, more personal level. Working proactively to prepare families to deal with crises, challenges, or struggles prevents bigger issues down the road. Nonprofits that support families are making strides, but could always do more.  Self-help books aren’t enough. There is a family crisis occurring in our culture – and what better format to address the crisis than direct support? 

Supervisors and lay leaders, pastors and case workers, volunteers and staff have been trained in marriage and parenting skills to offer support and a listening ear, but there could be more.  Marriage enrichment, non-traditional family support, communication skills, blended family programs, mental and emotional concerns, and school communication. 

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We can provide support to your families

There are many resources for AFTER things happen – classes, therapy, rehabilitation, and counseling.  But what about preparing for events that are bound to happen?  What about an opportunity to connect with families beyond the scope of your non-profit vision and mission? 

Non-Profit Networking is Vital! We all wish that we could provide every service in every capacity.  However, we know with running a non-profit we need to focus on one service and do it well – and then connect with other non-profits as resources and extensions.  That’s what we specialize in: prevention and support for family challenges that come up along the way. We offer other non-profit family and community organizations a way to connect on a deeper level and expand their outreach without a huge strain on their finances and staff.  This connection improves relationships, communication, and end results.  

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