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For Families

Our Family Oriented Services

Our company and mission were born from the desire to help families.  It is built into our name.  Over time, we have developed methods and strategies to do exactly that.  It is our passion. We strive to meaningfully connect families to the organizations in their lives: schools, employers, community members, organizations, and churches.

The goal is to create a welcoming climate for families at school, community organizations, and at work: remove obstacles to engagement, communicate effectively, support student success by including families, support employee success, share power, and collaborate with the community.

No two families are the same … and the world, the education policies of our institutions, and the way in which we communicate is constantly changing.  We must be willing to adapt and solutions can not remain static.  Even the ages of those in our families is constantly changing, hence, so are the needs within those families as well.  

We can help your child improve their grades!

Below are the many ways in which we increase both the communication and the understanding between parties involved as well as continually stay in touch so as to provide services that remain effective over time.

Our newsletters, resources, programs, and services increase family connectedness and well-being, empower the child, and support family development so children and caregivers can thrive.  Our program helps parents learn about and understand their children’s needs and development.

With support and available resources, parents are empowered to work through developmental stages, crises, and parenting struggles.

Member families or families enrolled through an organization (school, church, foster agency, work, community programs), have access to newsletters, videos, personalized training, podcasts, webinars, and resources that foster the parent-child-educator-community relationship, increasing security and solving challenges that arise. The resources, services, and programs we provide focus on creating social, emotional, and physical environments that promote well-being, security, and healthy development for families and the community.   

Examples of education problems we help families solve:

Children Struggling with bad grades

Bad grades can be stressful – but they don’t always mean that your child is not smart or is not learning.  Sometimes, bad grades are a good thing…find out how.

Also, what are you going to do about helping your child?  First step…show support and understanding: “Oh no.  That stinks that you have a bad grade in science!”  Next step, ask them a simple question: “What are you going to do about that?”  Find out more steps and tips this month with our training focus – what to do about a child making bad grades.

If you are a community organization, a school, or a business – your families need help. We do that for you! Family liaison, family educator, family support, employee assistance program…all of that bundled up into our little program. We offer newsletters, training/education, support, and resources.

One of the most common problems that families face is with kids failing or beginning to fail academically.  Most of the time this has little to do with intelligence, but has everything to do with distractions, techniques, and study skills.  These skills can be learned and problems solved.  For a detailed look into this please view my article “What Do I do if my child is getting bad grades?”  and watch this quick video.

Remember, Free Family Membership will receive information from our newsletter on these topics as well.  VIP Family Members get more videos and custom services monthly.

mother teaching her son

Family Education is an important part of a child’s life!

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