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Coordination in Education works because…

By implementing specific techniques and proven strategies, we will close the communication gap, install feedback channels, strengthen relationships, and improve understanding for everyone involved. By removing confusion & increasing understanding on all fronts, we coordinate & meet school accountability goals. “Winning” increases community involvement and support. The CFFE has specific training and strategic programs that assist in this very important mission. Coordination is critical to reaching new milestones in all phases of education. 

When schools partner with families, students benefit academically, socially, and emotionally.  We all want to ensure that students experience mental wellness, and decades of research shows that schools and community organizations can ensure that every child has the needed support to flourish. 

Children are learning well in a group setting.

However, schools, daycares, and community groups are also faced with challenges.  It takes a village – the entire community – to help provide every child with the needed support to be successful and independent. 

Schools and educators have a variety of accountability systems and surveys and they all have common results: local schools, child care providers, and early childhood development centers need access to other timely and useful communication concerning family development, child behavior, community resources, and general support.

However, these accountability systems do not provide the administration with a recipe to follow to create better student outcomes. Research links the role that families play in the educational success of their children.

Educators across the board KNOW that there needs to be better family/school communication; however, those charged with the task of developing partnerships between the school and home don’t have the knowledge or ability to effectively create, implement, and sustain these vital home/school relationships.  Administrators, directors, and teachers are trained to teach and develop relationships with students, not families. Our programs equip schools, educational organizations, childcare facilities, and more with necessary family communication tools.

We help educators and providers develop strategies and lines of communication that engage families in child growth and wellness. We deliver a comprehensive community and family education support plan that fosters an open line of communication and engagement.  The end result is an improved quality of communication and the quality of education each child receives. 

Subscription results include enhanced capacity on the part of families, enabling districts and schools to cultivate and sustain active, engaged, respectful, and effective two-way partnerships with families and primary caregivers that encourage school improvement, improve educational outcomes, and support children’s capacity to learn and develop.

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