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When business owners hire employees, they are hiring a family.  A healthy, effective mindset of any business should be clear: investing in employees’ families helps improve workplace productivity, loyalty, and effectiveness. Especially now, with many families facing more challenges with mental health, childcare costs, co-parenting, and financial concerns, employers need to set their families up for success through information and collaborative efforts to access resources. 

Businesses are responsible for discovering what employees need for success and then providing it.  Options to support families include a flexible work schedule, remote work options, or on-site child care. 

Depending on the structure and size of the business  – these might not be options.  However, something every business can provide is access to family education and support with a proactive mindset to tackle big issues before they happen.

How business services we provide help with workplace productivity

Parents struggle with school communication, co-parenting, mental illness in children, school readiness and homework, or a combination of it all. 

In business, a successful manager has a plan for every possible scenario.  Being prepared for good or bad situations is part of a strong business plan. Professional development and training are a must in most businesses – to make sure everyone is on the same page, has the same mission, and realizes the organizational mission. However, parents don’t have that same benefit. Building good practices and a healthy work-life balance mindset, when employees are present, they will be more present.  Ongoing communication promotes community. 

Effective communication is great for business!

Everyone is part of a family: whether they are parents, part of a community support group/substitute family, caring for their own parents, or even four baby parents, providing a community space to connect and learn will strengthen work relationships and workplace culture of care. Employees want connection and to be heard.  Employers need to look at any employee with a caregiving responsibility (foster care, extended family, other responsibilities) as needing support – and that their family life has a significant impact on the work environment. 

Companies – both large and small – have started to realize the importance of family support.  Extended paid maternity/paternity leave; scholarships for students’ child care, extracurricular, flexible work schedules, and crisis financial support are some of the ways that companies are supporting families and employees.  Organizations with family-friendly policies are historically voted the best places to work. While every workplace is different and will require different supports, employers should consider offering a variety of perks and benefits that support working parents or caregivers.  

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