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The Collaborative for Family Education (TCFFE)

TCFFE is the first membership association focused on advancing family, school, employer, and community communication.


To equip and empower family members to develop knowledge and skills that enhance well-being and strengthen interpersonal relationships through an educational, preventive, and strengths-based approach.

  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of typical human development
  • Good decision-making skills, positive self-esteem
  • Healthy interpersonal relationships


The vision of The Collaborative for Family Education is to teach these skill and knowledge areas to family members across the lifespan, and to foster positive individual and family development so families can function optimally.


  • Family support and collaboration
  • Continuous improvement in communication channels
  • Relationship building
  • Trust in leadership
  • Inclusion mindset
  • Results-oriented

We invite you to learn more about our programs and other non-profit work including Pre-Employment Transition Services for youth and young adults with disabilities, 1111 Rescue Ranch for those involved with the foster care system, Hope Underground support for young adults aging out of foster care, and resources for all professionals involved in the work of engaging families, employers, non-profits, and communities in the development and advancement of our children and families.

Reasons to Join TCCFE

TCCFE is the only organization whose main purpose is to support families through their circle of support – schools, daycares, non-profits, foster agencies, employers, and government organizations. We strive to engage all families and the community in the development of their children. If you work with families and children, employ family members, engage with families or individuals to better the community, TCCFE works for you.


  1. Advance the support of families in our communities.
    When you support TCFFE, you are supporting programs and ideals that will change the way our country thinks about the family’s role in our society. We work to create a fundamental shift in the way community leaders like employers, agencies, schools, and non-profits think about engaging and supporting parents and caregivers.
  2. Learning Never Stops
    TCFFE’s professional learning and development programs will improve your skills and knowledge through collaborative study, expertise exchange, collaboration with decision makers, reaching out to family members, and professional dialogue.
  3. Career Advancement
    Adding TCFFE membership to your resume shows your dedication to families and their circles of support. Connecting to the families in your organization is always a plus…and pointing potential employers to an organization where your contribution is acknowledged and published is an amazing way to spotlight your expertise. As a member, you can contribute articles, blogs, and join in on webinars.
  4. Networking
    TCCFE’s monthly newsletters, blogs, and live online webinars connect members to a network of professionals and individuals, families and community leaders who share expertise, ask relevant questions, and work collaboratively to improve family learning and development strategies.
  5. Resources for you and by you
    TCCFE welcomes members to contribute to our library of blogs, articles, videos, and other resources – we share information so that the community has access to our wealth of knowledge. You will have the opportunity to connect with others and share your experiences through discussions and contributions to the online community.
  6. Stay informed and inspired
    Sharing your passion to support families in our community keeps you updated and motivated. Weekly tips, monthly newsletters and webinars, regular access to information and support…that’s what we do!

If your passion, career, or mission focuses on engaging and developing parents, caregivers, and communities through their circles of support (work, school, non-profits, church, foster agencies, etc) in the development and advancement of our families and children, a TCFFE Individual membership is for you. Annual fee: $55. Or, $6 monthly.

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