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For Families

Options for family-level membership:

Coordination In Education Regular Membership:

Description:  This membership is so anyone interested can receive valuable education at no cost and zero risk.  We want ALL families to benefit in some way from our work and information regardless of their financial situation.  Those who are curious about what value we bring can experience our work and upgrade to the VIP Membership at any time.  Once you feel the impact of our work, we highly recommend and would appreciate you doing so, but there is no obligation. 

What’s Included?:  Subscription to monthly family life newsletters, links to social media content, and short video clips with FAQs, tips, articles, and social/emotional strategies, milestones, and ideas to foster positive individual and family development so families can function optimally. 

Coordination In Education VIP Membership:  

Cost: $5.95 per month
(per family… Cancel Anytime)

Description: The VIP membership includes continually updated content and real time information with personal services as well.  This membership helps keep our Non-Profit Organization viable and we truly thank you for joining and helping us dedicate our lives to families all over the world.  Our live forums allow interaction and customization of our services to your family going far beyond general concepts.  Memberships require no obligation, are month to month as you are free to cancel at any time with a simple email.  

What’s Included?: ALL of the FREE Membership as well as more in-depth videos and articles AND access to family tip forums and monthly family education live online workshops/webinars on topics such as social/emotional wellness, homework help, special education process, gifted and talented resources, mental illness in children and next steps, setting limits, co-parenting, math basics at home, reading readiness, fostering independence, and more.  New topics every month based on requests and needs of member families.  

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