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Improve Connection & Engagement with Increased Family Communication & Proven Teamwork Strategies

The Collaborative For Family Education (CFFE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving communication between organizations such as businesses, schools, daycares, corporations, places of worship & the families they serve.

Strong Families = strong organizations and businesses = Strong Community

The collaboration of many parts of the community such as the businesses where the parents work; the schools, daycares, and programs where the children participate; and the organizations like places of worship, foster care agencies, community centers, and libraries where they connect and engage leads to a successful circle of support for the foundation of our society – the family. 

Seeing these families succeed is not only beneficial for the family, but is beneficial for all others in the family’s circle such as places of work, education, support, and worship.  

We Are Members Of

Everyone Succeeds When Families Succeed!

Families are an important part of the community. Families are part of every organization, business, agency, school.  Ensuring that organizations, businesses, agencies, and schools succeed means ensuring that families succeed. 

The Collaborative For Family Education (CFFE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving communication between organizations such as schools, daycares, corporations, employers, non-profits, government, churches & the families they serve. This collaborative effort ensures that families are supported by their community and are using all of the community resources offered, so that they can be strong foundations for our society. We help families develop knowledge and skills that improve well-being and strengthen all relationships.

Support the families in your organization! 

The goal of Family Life Education is to support family members across the lifespan, and foster positive individual and family development, so families can function optimally. They feel supported. You get the credit. 

Businesses – Nonprofits – Schools  

By implementing specific techniques and proven strategies, we will help grow your business or organization through family support.  

These strategies will…

  • Close the communication gap
  • Install feedback channels
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Improve understanding for everyone involved

The Purpose Of The CFFE

Collaborating (working together) and increasing clarity is the key. Both families and educational services are interested in efficient and results-oriented communication. Family education and connectedness helps staff, families, and members of your organization feel supported by giving everyone a voice. It all begins by creating channels where we can listen to each other and improve understanding. Whether a school needing to connect with families, businesses supporting their employees, or community organizations furthering their outreach, the family is the foundation of our culture.

Specific CFFE support services include monthly newsletters, articles and blogs, training videos, individualized support, live-online workshops, and community resources.

Introduction to The Collaborative For Family Education

“Everyone” includes parents, educators, and any staff of your organization or business…access to valuable and practical training, workshops, tips, information, and resources will increase a sense of belonging – leading to more satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.

We collaborate with other organizations to bring you the most up-to-date and innovative information and programs.  Here is an example of our collaborative efforts with leaders in the family/school/community world.

Programs are customizable to your needs. Contact Us Today for more information.

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